Client Using "Do-It-Yourself" Legal Work

Dear Client/Potential Client,

Somebody once said (probably my mother): “If it’s worth

doing, it’s worth doing right.”

If the project, the contract and the business model they represent

are that important, you may want to have us do it – and do it right.

Because I/we discount our time on contracts, the effective rate is

much lower than our standard consultation rates.

I find that about 8 out of 10 contracts I review are substandard;

including documents used every day by major companies. It is just

that they got them from somebody, who got them from somebody

else – maybe even from someone who was on the other side of the

transaction - etc., etc., and nobody has updated them. For example,

a good non-disclosure agreement (aka “NDA”): NDA’s used to be

almost a “word-processor document.” That is not true today. The old

form NDA is woefully inadequate under current case law and for the

clients I now have whose very business model may depend on that

contract. (If you lose your essential technology or business idea, what

is left?)

To quote myself from workshops we give at the Hudspeth Law Firm:

“It is not the assets in the deal,..........(read more)

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