CMS Releases FY 2011 SSI Ratios


CMS has released the FY 2011 SSI data for IPPS hospitals, LTCHs, and IRFs.  This data will be used to determine the disproportionate share adjustment for hospitals and the low-income payment adjustment for IRFs for cost reporting periods beginning in FY 2011.  The change in SSI ratios for IPPS hospitals ranged from -0.30373 to 0.36215 (with one provider receiving a much larger increase of 0.94778).  According to our calculations, the average change across all providers from FY 2010 to FY 2011 is -0.00038.

The FY 2011 SSI Ratios are available from the CMS website by clicking here.  The Medicare Learning Network Matters article discussing the SSI Ratios can be accessed here.

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