Congress To Investigate Allegations of Continued Robosigning by Big Banks - Not Good News for Florida Economy


Tuesday's news of a Reuters expose that robosigning (and other forms of faulty and flawed foreclosure procedures) is still happening not only went viral among the financial and real estate industries, it has caught the attention of Congress.

(For details on what robosigning involves, see our earlier post, "Defining RoboSigning: What Exactly Is RoboSigning and Why Is Everyone So Upset About It?")

As we noted on Tuesday, if extensive robosigning and other forms of impropriety are indeed continuing in the Florida real estate arena, much less on a national scale, then this is extremely serious and could have severe, negative ramifications on Florida's attempts to escape and recover from our Great Recession. To have Congress investigating may alone have a negative impact on our financial community; however, that horse has already left the barn.

Today, in BusinessWeek, it is reported that Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH), chairperson of the Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection Subcommittee, has announced that his subcommittee will hold a hearing to investigate this robo-signing allegation.

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