Construction, er make that CONTRACT, Administration services: a primer (law note)


One of the Architect’s responsibilities on a construction project is that of contract administration (“CA”). While not every contract contemplates the architect performing a CA role, most commercial construction projects do. What, exactly, should be included in the CA role? The CA role can be whatever the parties agree upon. In fact, the AIA A201 form contract documents anticipate that the architect’s role will be defined in an exhibit.

Construction Construction Contract Administration

§ 4.2.10 If the Owner and Architect agree, the Architect will provide one or more project representatives to assist in carrying out the Architect’s responsibilities at the site. The duties, responsibilities and limitations of authority of such project representatives shall be as set forth in an exhibit to be incorporated in the Contract Documents.

What, then, should be included in the CA role assigned to the architect? The nature of the construction administration role is project specific. Some projects require a full-time on-site architect, a clerk of the works, or a weekly or bi-weekly site visit. Because the nature of the CA role cannot be adequately described in a form document, it is especially critical that you take care to describe the specific CA duties assigned to the architectural team in detail.

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