Controlling the Idiot in the Deal

When I was a young man starting in business I read the

book “Winning Through Intimidation” by Robert J. Ringer. The book,

though denounced by some at the time, was not really about

intimidating people, but of not being intimidated by people, for

example, doctors, lawyers and high powered professionals.

The part of the book most interesting to me was its

description of three kinds of persons that you may meet in a

business transaction (or any dealings really).........................



This all leads to my point about “controlling the idiot.” If you

do not control the idiot, you become the idiot. The idiot can make

fools of us all. What may happen here is that the tenant does its

thing and removes the built in items. The new tenant could then

declare breach or ask the landlord to cover the cost to fix. The

landlord has shown good faith, so let’s assume the landlord will

want to do the latter. However, the landlord is subject to the

lender, which has been very tight-fisted in the transaction, so far.

That could put a million dollar lease deal at risk: lost lease, lost

commission, bad will, etc. All this.…because no one is controlling

the idiot.

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