County Attorney Directed to File Civil Action


Steven Getman Seneca County Attorney is hereby requested and

directed to commence and prosecute a civil action against the Cayuga

Nation of New York, d/b/a Cayuga Enterprises, d/b/a Lakeside Trading,

and/or Clint Halftown to enforce the provisions of Art. 16 of the New

York State Agriculture and Markets Law relating to Weights and


Supervisors present were: Brayton Foster (Covert), Edward L.

Barto (Fayette), Dale Smith (Junius), J. Barry O’Neill (Lodi), David

Dresser (Ovid), David M. Kaiser (Romulus), Peter W. Same, (Seneca

Falls), Patsy Amidon (Tyre), Joan E. Teichner (Varick), James H.

Mooney (Waterloo), and Supervisors’-at-large, Richard Ricci, and Fred

Trickler. Chuck Lafler (Supervisor-at-large) was absent. Also

present were Sharon L. Secor, Acting County Manager, Steven Getman,

County Attorney, and Margaret E. Li, Clerk to the Board of

Supervisors. Miss Li, assumed duties of Secretary of the meeting.

A discussion was held pursuant to NY Public Officers Law

1)(d) to discuss proposed, pending or current litigation

against the Cayuga Nation of New York and/or other particular

persons or corporations.

Mr. Ricci moved, seconded by Mrs. Amidon and carried to adopt the

following resolution.


RESOLUTION NO. 123-04, moved by Mr. Ricci, seconded by Mrs.

Amidon and adopted.


Steven Getman Attorney Franklin & Gabriel Law Office

Steven Getman County Assigned Counsel, 2008-2011

Steven Getman Seneca County Stop-DWI Coordinator, 2007

Steven Getman Seneca County Attorney, 2002-2007

Steven Getman Seneca County DSS Attorney, 1995-2001

Steven Getman Attorney Midey & Swinehart, 1995-2001

Steven Getman Seneca County Public Defender, 1995

Steven Getman Seneca County Law Guardian Panel, 1992-1995


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