Court-Appointed administrators of Condo Corporations (Part One)


The Condominium Act provides that the affairs of the condominium corporation are to be managed by a board of directors elected by the owners. Should the owners become dissatisfied with board members or the way they manage the corporation’s assets, the Act provides a mechanism for owners to requisition a meeting of owners to remove one or more board members.

In addition, the owners (or the corporation itself) can apply to the courts for the appointment of an administrator to take over the administration of the condominium corporation.

Imagine for instance, a situation where a condominium corporation has accumulated extensive debts and becomes unable to meet its payment obligations for utilities and municipal taxes. Rapidly, annual general meetings become “chaotic with blame being heaped on others for the corporation’s problems” and election campaigns become personal and acrimonious. Various factions of owners attempt to have the board removed, while the board accuses former board members of causing “internal strife and in-fighting”. The level of hostilities between residents, owners and board members quickly escalates while the corporation remains on the "brink of financial collapse". In such circumstances, even the most well-intentioned boards can become dysfunctional and unable to effectively manage the corporation.

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