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Las Vegas, Nevada Crash & DWI information.

The prosecution of a DWI case involves the examination of the totality of the circumstances surrounding the incident: operation of the motor vehicle, all visual observations of the defendant made by the police or civilian witnesses, statements made by the defendant, his2 performance of psychomotor tests (standardized field sobriety tests) and the result of any chemical test (i.e. breath, blood, or urine). In reviewing a DWI case and in preparing it for trial it is helpful to keep these ideas in mind:

What did the defendant do wrong? What are the signs or observations of impairment? What did law enforcement/experts do right? What are the potential defenses? In addition, always remember that a DWI is a crime. If a crash occurs as a result of a DWI, it is never an “accident.” It is a “crash,” “collision,” or a “wreck.” An accident is often considered an unavoidable situation, usually occurring without any negligence. Alcohol-related crashes are completely avoidable. Your use of these powerful visual terms will help and will reemphasize that his actions were criminal

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