Crowdfunding and Mc Henry's Own Reg D Fraud


“Crowdfunding,” a job-creation panacea-of-the-month buzzword, is being peddled under the Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act (H.R. 2930) and extolled by Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) as having “very strong investor protections.”

The Hon. N. C. Representative kids us, actually, when he says this—or he is attempting another form of fraud, one usually styled intentional deception.

Why else is the online white collar criminal crowd is in a state of delirious disbelief and sweaty anticipation over his proposed law? [See craigslist listings for starters]

Mc Henry’s Own Reg D Fraud is a new catch-all phrase encapsulating the panoply of online criminal felonies facilitated if not outright enabled by H.R. 2930, which first takes care of business by firing all the cops.

State securities regulators are being put their places by the McHenry’s Feds under cover and color of job creation.

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