Demystifying Advance Directives


In This Issue:

Introduction; Advanced Directives; Learning Which of Your Residents Has an Advance Directive; Living Wills; Requirements of a Valid Living Will; Do Not Resuscitate/DNR Orders; Some Other Common Subjects of Advance Directives; Durable Powers of Attorney (“DPOAs”); Triggering the Effectiveness of a DPOA; Declining to Participate in the Directions Contained in an Advance Directive; Revocation of an Advance Directive; Good Faith Compliance; Recommended Best Practices; and APPENDIX A.

This Special Issue Brief provides an overview of advance directives and how to recognize and respond to them in a long term care setting. This Brief is intended to provide general information only and is not intended to constitute legal advice applicable to any particular situation, nor is it a substitute for obtaining individualized legal advice. Because state laws vary significantly with regard to their requirements for preparing effective advance directives, as well as the procedures for implementing their instructions, community policies and procedures regarding advance directives should be drafted and implemented in accordance with the specific state laws that apply to your community.

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