The second day of the Inquest into the death of Derek Williams in Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) custody took place on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 and featured testimony by experts who disagreed regarding the cause and manner of Mr. Williams’ death. Two Milwaukee County Medical Examiners testified that Mr. Williams died of suffocation caused by sickle cell crisis. In addition, they considered the death a homicide, because the MPD officers who arrested Mr. Williams used force in doing so. An outside expert from the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System disagreed, stating that the cause and manner of Mr. Williams’ death was undetermined. Another expert from the University of Minnesota also disagreed that Mr. Williams died of sickle cell crisis. The Inquest continues today with testimony by Derek Williams’ relatives and by some of the MPD officers involved in the incident. The Inquest will last at least through this week. Read more about the second day of the Derek Williams Inquest in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel here.

The civil rights lawyers of Samster, Konkel & Safran, S.C. represent Derek Williams’   three young children and their mother. We will continue to post updates on the Inquest into Mr. William’s on this Blog and our main website, which can be found here.