From a young age, almost everyone is taught not to drink and drive. Not only can driving drunk end an intoxicated driver's life, but her bad decision can forever change the lives of those around her. In a recent Alabama drunk driving accident, the driver's illegal behavior cost her boyfriend his life.

The 25-year-old drunk driving suspect has lost her boyfriend and faces criminal charges as a result of the DUI accident. What has many in the community particularly frustrated with this incident is that it wasn't the suspect's first time getting caught driving under the influence.

The fatal accident that threw her boyfriend from the car in April was at least the third time that the homicide suspect had driven drunk. According to her criminal history, she was convicted of drunk driving two times last year. Apparently, those arrests and the sentencing she faced wasn't enough to kick her deadly habit of drunk driving.

Some in the Alabama public look at the recent DUI accident and wonder why the suspect was on the roads at all. Shouldn't she have been in jail? Shouldn't she have had her driver's license suspended?

As for jail time, Alabama only requires mere days (less than one week) of incarceration for a second drunk driving offense. That's why the suspect was living in the community and not behind bars.

Regarding why the suspect was allowed to drive, she actually should not have been driving. Legally speaking, she obviously shouldn't have been driving because she was drunk, but beyond that, her second DUI arrest led to sentencing that was supposed to prohibit her from driving. When the recent drunk driving crash occurred, she was driving with a revoked license.

News sources do not report many details about the suspect's past DUI arrests. There's no indication that her drunk driving has ever led to injury or death, until now.

Not only will this most recent wreck lead to more severe criminal charges against the driver, but the victim's surviving family could potentially find reason to file a wrongful death lawsuit. That civil case might be tough, however, because the victim potentially knew that his girlfriend was intoxicated when he got into the car with her. It's a different legal situation compared to a multi-vehicle drunk driving accident.

Source: Local 15 News, "Mobile Woman Charged in Fatal DUI Wreck in Court Thursday," May 2, 2012