Did You Know? ¿Sabía Usted? Employers Are Required to Post Some Labor Law Posters in Different Languages

Florida law requires employers to post certain state labor law posters in languages other than English. Employers must prominently display a poster notifying employees of the state minimum wage in both English and Spanish. Florida law also requires unemployment compensation posters be displayed in Spanish when 5% or more of the homes in the county speak Spanish and do not contain an adult who speaks fluent English. The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity provides the posters in both English and Spanish here.

Employers are wise to follow the law, as a recent report provided by the Florida Office of Economic and Demographic Research states the Hispanic population in Florida has increased from 6% of the total population in 1970 to 22.5% in 2010. In Hillsborough County for example, over 25% of households speak a language at home besides English, and 24.9% of the county’s population is classified as “Hispanic or Latino.” The Hispanic population in Florida overall is predicted to surpass 26% by 2030. More information can be found here.

Although there are no penalties for failing to display certain labor law posters in multiple languages, providing such posters in different languages makes for a more informed workforce. Further, posting labor law posters in different languages can help employers establish an affirmative defense that anti-discrimination laws were effectively communicated to their employees.