A few years ago, Ms. Colleen Stephens vacated her 5,000 square-foot, newly renovated home overlooking the bay in Virginia Beach. She and her family moved into a smaller home located further inland. While not happy with the move, Ms. Stephens claimed that she would rather live in a tent than stay in her newly renovated home. The drywall used in the renovation, manufactured in China, emitted a horrible odor and made her family ill.

The drywall released noxious sulfuric fumes that damaged the home’s plumbing, electrical wiring and appliances. Ms. Stephens filed a product liability suit against the Chinese manufacturer in 2009. However, due to complications of suing a Chinese company, she is still waiting for compensation.

This case reflects the difficulties of pursuing product liability suits against foreign manufacturers. While products easily travel across international boundaries, legal judgments do not. Except for members of the European Union, one nation rarely honors the decision of a court in another nation.

Lawyers representing homeowners and homebuilders claim that 7,000 to 10,000 homes were damaged by the defective drywall installed after hurricanes Rita and Katrina. Similar drywall, also manufactured in China, has been found in Georgia. It is recommended that you contact an expert drywall testing facility to document your claim. A product liability lawyer can help you to determine if you too are a victim.

It is seldom necessary to directly sue the foreign manufacturer of defective building supplies. Class action lawsuits pending against Chinese drywall manufacturers are designed to provide building material suppliers with the funds needed to settle pending lawsuits in the United States. Your attorney can advise you about gaining compensation.

If you or a loved one has suffered due to faulty product, even of foreign origin, discuss your legal issue with a Georgia product liability attorney.