Disability Benefits Every Injured Victim Should Explore

Paying the cost of medical care is of paramount concern for people who have been seriously injured or disabled in accidents. Learning to cope with restricted mobility or speech deficiencies requires continuous, on-going medical attention. Therapy and rehabilitation are essential for victims who hope to recover some portion of their former lives.

A  personal injury attorney may help you to pursue full and fair compensation for your injuries through legal channels, but seeking justice takes time. It is important not to give up hope and to be patient while awaiting a personal injury settlement offer or jury verdict in your case. There are government-subsidized payment alternatives that can help you cope with expenses in the meantime.

Government benefits are available to people who qualify as having permanent or temporary, total or partial disabilities. Families are encouraged to take advantage of programs that make it possible for people to regain the vocational skills and mobility they need to move forward with their lives. Some government benefits to be aware of include:

  • The Social Security Disability program provides disability benefits to U.S. citizens whose injury is either expected to last for at least one year or end in death, as long as the injured person can meet certain earnings requirement and medical thresholds.
  • The Medicare and Medicaid programs provide ways to make prescriptions and therapy more affordable, particularly for senior citizens and seriously disabled adults who require long-term treatments from certain medical facilities.

Other benefits may be available to you depending on the extent, type and duration of your medical condition.