Don’t Let Your Client’s Assets Go Up In Smoke When They Discover That Their Tenant Is Growing or Manufacturing Drugs In Their Rental Property


Your next-door neighbors may look like normal, law-abiding citizens, but you never really know what they’re hiding beneath their homes – like a largescale marijuana grow operation, perhaps? One such operation was uncovered in a sleepy little town at the home of a contractor and his daughter. Located nearly 15 feet below ground was a fullscale marijuana grow house, concealed by a hidden entrance located inside a nondescript shed. With a flip of a switch, a custom-made hydraulic table inside the shed moved aside to reveal stairs which led down to the underground grow house. Over 160 marijuana plants were found in the grow house, with the potential to produce hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits as the renter was found to have been growing plants at that location for over a decade.

Unfortunately, this incident doesn’t stand alone. Firefighters in California’s Riverside County discovered a massive growing operation in a burning, vacant home in Reche Canyon. When the blaze was put out, authorities discovered that nearly three-quarters of the 4,000-square-foot home’s first floor was being used to grow pot. At that point, most of the marijuana had already been destroyed by the flames.

Originally published in Defense Comment on 07/10/2013

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