Drop the Dead Weight: Fire your Worst Clients! (Tue Tip)


Today’s Tip: Listen to your gut. Ever get that feeling that a potential client may be high maintenance or want everything done yesterday? Listen to your instincts and turn them away as fast as you can. Send them to a directory. Send them to a rival. Send them away from you. Bonus if you can refer them to your worst enemy (kidding!).

The Pareto Principal is true in more ways than one: not only do 80% of your profits come from 20% of your customers, but 80% of your complaints come from 20% of your customers. If you can weed out that complaining/crazy/high-maintenance 20% up front, think of the aggravation you will save.

Architects (and engineers) sometimes tell me that they knew they might have issues with a particular client based on how the initial meetings & negotiations proceeded; needing the work, they took the job anyhow, only to find themselves facing the prospect of a long-drawn out lawsuit. Don’t let this be you.

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