The woman is reported to have been operating her vehicle in excess of the legal blood alcohol limit. Obviously, this behavior is not only negligent, but criminal as well. She is lucky that the officer was not more critically injured. She was charged with DUI and second-degree assault in the wake of this car accident.

The local report detailing the happenings of this wreck also warns that this scenario is not one uncommon to Huntsville, Alabama. Reportedly, Huntsville is known for having a large number of intoxicated drivers on its roadways, and officials warn caution should be implemented by all drivers. Across the state as a whole, roughly 40 of all traffic fatalities stem from drunk driving.

While the victim of a drunk driving accident can rest assured that the perpetrator will likely be punished, sometimes jail time doesn't bring enough justice for an individual who had their life shattered by a drunk driver. In such scenarios, victims can seek compensation from liable parties.

Such avenues can be pursued against the insurance company of the offending driver, the bar or restaurant that served the drunk driver and the drunk driver themselves. Compensation can cover medical expenses and give injured parties a sense of closure on an awful situation.

Source: The Huntsville Times, "HPD officer injured in car accident; woman driver charged," Jonathan Grass, Sept. 21, 2012