Emergency Room Injury Data, Las Vegas Nevada Lawyer Reserch, Found on Counsumer Prouduct Safety Commishion Web Site

Las Vegas Lawyer Research Found on the Consumer Product Safety Commission Web Site on Hospital Data

Patient information is collected from each NEISS hospital for every emergency visit involving an injury associated with consumer products. From this sample, the total number of product-related injuries treated in hospital emergency rooms nationwide can be estimated. This web access to NEISS allows certain estimates to be retrieved on-line. These estimates can be focused by setting some or all of the following variables (and an example of each):

• Date (one year maximum range; e.g., how many injuries were treated in 1996)

• Product (e.g., how many bicycle injuries occurred)

• Sex (e.g., how many injuries occurred to women)

• Age (e.g., how many injuries occurred to people aged 35-55)

• Diagnosis (e.g., how many lacerations occurred)

• Disposition (e.g., how many people were admitted to the hospital)

• Locale (e.g., how many injuries occurred at a school)

• Body part (e.g., how many injuries involved the knee)

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