Energy And Environment Update -- July 29, 2013

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Energy and Climate Debate; Congress; Administration; Department of Energy; Department of Interior; Environmental Protection Agency; Nuclear Regulatory Commission; International and Miscellaneous.

Excerpt from Energy and Climate Debate -

In his June 25 climate change strategy announcement, President Obama stressed the importance of a strong economy and of U.S. leadership in global greenhouse gas reduction efforts. The administration continued pushing these two aspects of the strategy this past week. First, in his two speeches on Wednesday, President Obama explained that a strong economy is needed for climate action. The same day, Vice President Biden traveled to India where environmental issues were on the agenda. Following on Secretaries Kerry and Moniz’s recent trip, the Vice President said China, India, and the U.S.—the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases--should act to prevent climate change, such as limiting hydrofluorocarbons. The climate change strategy has been highlighted regularly basis by the administration and Democratic members of Congress. They may be responding to recent polls which have shown that as climate change becomes a major political issue, voters favor proactive policies rather than denying the science behind climate change.

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