Enforcing Child Support Payments


Successfully obtaining a court order for child support payments does not always ensure that you will actually receive the payments that the court decides you deserve. Child support is intended to ensure that both parents contribute to the cost of raising shared children. Various factors are considered by the court when calculating the level of contributions including:

  • The relative earnings of each party
  • The amount of time that the child spends with each parent
  • Set expenses that one or both of the parents incur on behalf of the child, such as health insurance

The calculation is made according to the facts known at the time of the application for child support. Courts recognize that the financial situation of both parents may change over time ? and provision in the child support statements are made for modifying child support orders.

The Court may various sanctions that encourage deadbeat parents to make child payments — including suspension of driver’s licenses and business permits and/or incarceration. At the court's direction, the state tax authorities can also take money from a person’s bank account and place a lien on personal property.

If you have not received child support to which you are entitled, or if your circumstances have changed and you think that the amount of support ordered is no longer fair, speak to a lawyer experienced in litigating child support cases.

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