FAA Proposes to Change Pilot Training Requirements


On Monday, August 31, the Federal Aviation Administration ("FAA") issued a notice of proposed rulemaking ("NPRM"), proposing to modify numerous pilot training requirements and pilot school certification rules. These changes include the following:

* Requiring pilot-in-command ("PIC") proficiency checks for pilots who act as PIC of single-piloted, turbojet-powered airplanes;

* Allowing pilot applicants to apply for a private pilot certificate and an instrument rating concurrently;

* Allowing pilots certified in some other countries to be issued U.S. pilot certificates on the basis of an international licensing agreement between the FAA and a foreign civil aviation authority;

* Allowing pilot schools to use Internet-based training programs without requiring schools to have a physical ground training facility;

* Allowing flight schools and provisional pilot schools to apply for a combined private pilot certification and instrument rating course; and

* Changing the definition of ‘‘complex airplane" to include airplanes equipped with Full Authority Digital Engine Control ("FADEC") engines.

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