Fannie Mae Issues Multiple Servicing Announcements


On August 8, Fannie Mae issued three servicing announcements. The first, Announcement SVC-2012-13, reminds servicers that under the Housing and Economic Recovery Act, Fannie Mae must promote diversity through (i) the inclusion and utilization of minorities, women, and individuals with disabilities, and (ii) the use of minority-, women-, and disabled-owned businesses at all levels, in management and employment, in all business and activities, and in all contracts for services of any kind. To that end, Fannie Mae is requiring that servicers complete by November 1, 2012, a supplier registration profile that accurately reflects its ownership status and its team composition report. The second announcement, Announcement SVC-2012-14, notifies servicers that effective October 1, 2012, Fannie Mae no longer will require mandatory pre-foreclosure mediation for loans in Florida. Finally, through Announcement SVC-2012-15, Fannie Mae is establishing a policy to require both an existing and a new document custodian to provide at least thirty days written notice when all or part of the custodian’s business is being acquired by a new document custodian while the servicer remains the same. This new policy is effective immediately.