Finding All the Responsible Parties When You Are Injured

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Figuring out who is responsible is such a basic part of personal injury litigation that it often does not receive the attention it deserves. However, experienced attorneys know that this can be a nuanced issue that has a huge effect on a client’s ability to get compensation. The most obvious defendant is often only one of several people or parties whose negligence contributed to your accident. Even those who played only a small part are still potentially liable for your resulting injuries.

Because the ability to pay is so often a factor, especially when the injuries are serious and the damages are extensive, identifying and including every viable defendant is crucial to preserving client rights: 

  • Even drivers not directly involved in a collision may contribute to a car accident. 
  • Property owners may be liable for overgrown trees or other obstacles that obstruct traffic signals and visibility. 
  • Municipalities may be liable for unsafe road conditions that contribute to accidents. 
  • Employers may be liable when their employees cause accidents in the course of their employment.
  • Mechanics may be liable for accidents caused by faulty work or maintenance on the involved vehicles. 

While most cases do not turn out to be this complicated, there are circumstances when bringing in additional defendants is necessary. Identifying these other responsible parties is not always easy and frequently takes a great deal of research and analysis prior to initiating legal action.