Finding a good lawyer is critical to making sure your bankruptcy case is handled properly. You don't want to choose a lawyer only because he or she has the lowest fees or the prettiest advertisement, only to find out that your bankruptcy petition is ultimately denied by the court. You can find a good bankruptcy lawyer by considering the following:

1. Experience in consumer bankruptcy

Make sure that the lawyer has experience in handling consumer bankruptcy cases. How long has he been practicing in tile area of bankruptcy? Is bankruptcy his only area of practice?

2. Interviews

Meet with more than one lawyer or one law firm, if necessary. Does the lawyer put you at ease and take the time to listen to your problems and concerns? Does he fully answer your questions and explain the bankruptcy process? Remember you are interviewing someone to represent you in a very important matter and you need to feel comfortable with that person.

3. Open communication

Does the lawyer accept phone calls or emails from clients without charging an additional fee? Is the lawyer going to be available to you after he's been hired?

4. Reviews

Seek out reviews of the lawyer on the internet by former clients. How is the lawyer rated by other lawyers on,  a highly respected directory of lawyers?

5. Reasonable fees

Make sure that the lawyer's fees are reasonable for the services provided. Does the lawyer offer a free office consultation?