Five Things To Do If A Product Injures You


Many goods on the market, such as contaminated food or defective household products and vehicle components, can cause serious injury. If a product has caused you serious injury, your avenue to getting compensation may be a product liability claim.

Product liability claims often include many parties and complex issues, such as whether a product was unsafe for its intended use and/or sold without proper instructions and warnings. You can enhance your chance of success in this kind of claim by taking simple but valuable steps from the very beginning:

  1. Receive timely, thorough and ongoing treatment by a doctor. A timely and exhaustive diagnosis by a reputable doctor can document that the product defect caused your injury. The full extent of your injuries may only be understood after months of treatment and evaluation, and taking your time can prevent you from settling too early for less than you deserve.
  2. Preserve the physical evidence. Save the product, along with items like damaged clothing or property. Keep all packaging materials, including labels, manuals and any purchase receipts.
  3. Record your injury and the after-effects. Memory can weaken or change over the course of time. You, a family member or a friend should take date-stamped photos of the scene, the product and your injuries, and should be prepared to testify as to the pictures’ trustworthiness.
  4. Track your losses and extra expenses. You are responsible for proving your damages and can only be compensated for your medical expenses and lost earnings if you have reliable evidence.
  5. Hire a skilled law firm.  Skilled lawyers know how to prove an injury victim's unique damages under the circumstances. An experienced attorney can discover all potentially responsible parties who may be liable for your injuries, and hire the right technical experts to obtain the most compensation for you.

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