Former Peruvian Soldier Threatened By Shining Path; Does He Get Asylum?


In 1985, D.E.C.-C. was a military officer stationed in Perú's Ayacucho region, the birthplace of the Shining Path, a violent Maoist insurgent group. He was part of an operation to search a local village – Accomarca – for Shining Path guerrillas. Four patrols were sent. Two to assault the village and two to block escape route that the guerrillas make try to follow to escape. D.E.C.-C.'s patrol was one of the latter, and was assigned to guard a location on a path several miles from the village, through which fleeing militants would likely pass. D.E.C.-C. was therefore not present when the two patrols that entered the village, led by Lieutenant Riveri Rond ón and Sub-Lieutenant Telmo Hurtado, proceeded to massacre dozens of civilians.

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