Freemiums are a Great Law Firm Marketing Tool


Freemiums are a great way to promote a law firm. A potential client visits your blog and is greeted with an offer of an essential report for free. And why would you do that? Because you must capture the client’s email address in order to provide the free report. This allows you to follow up with the potential client, and the report with all your contact information remains in the hands of the potential client so he or she can contact you when ready.

Clients shop for attorneys. Hopefully your website will be enough to generate a call, but that may not seal the deal. On many occasions a potential client has called, I’ve wowed them with my fount of knowledge, and sent them back to my assistant to schedule an appointment. A few minutes later, the phone rings again, and it is the same client calling to discuss the case, not realizing she is calling the same firm. She is just working her way down the Google results and calling every attorney she finds. A freemium can distinguish you from the pack of attorneys clients are going to call.

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