Getting in Trouble with the IRS and the Law


Nicholas Barbati, 22 of Daytona Beach pleaded guilty to 3 counts of making bogus calls to the US Coast Guard in August. On November 14, 2008 Barbati called the Coast Guard to report an inbound threat to the space shuttle Endeavor which was about to be launched. Claiming to be a Coast Guard offcer, Barbati said he spotted the threat two miles out at sea. In addition, the day before that, he called the US Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington D.C. to report that his 32 foot yacht with ’10 souls’ onboard was stricken and taking in water about 3 miles offshore from Fire Island, N.Y. according to officials.

In October Barbati pleaded guilty to another crime. This time it was fling false claims with the IRS when he fled income tax returns for prostitutes working in his Internet escort services which he operated from his house.

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