Getting the Best Medical Care: a Newsletter from Patrick Malone - October 2012

In This Issue:

- Fun Facts about DNA

- DNA Testing Now Available

- Pharmacogenomics-Tailor-Made Drugs

- Too Much Information

- Sensible Advice for Genetic Testing

- Recent Health Care News You Should Know About

- Check Out Our Previous Tips

- Excerpt from Introduction:

Learning Your Own DNA Sequence: the Promise and Peril of Genetic Testing -

The promise of DNA testing is pretty stunning, but the peril is very real too. If we crack the code of the 3 billion letters that make up each of our unique individual DNA blueprints, shouldn't that help our own healthcare? In theory, we can anticipate and address medical problems with customized treatments. Better outcomes, fewer side effects -- that's the idea. But there's a downside, and it's called TMI: Too Much Information.

This month's newsletter focuses on genetic testing: Should you get your whole genome sequenced? What about more limited genetic testing for specific diseases? Read on for the low-down.

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