Getting The Best Medical Care: A Newsletter from Patrick Malone - December 2011

Saying No to Your Doctor: Sometimes Wrong but Always Right

Saying no to your doctor's advice is sometimes "wrong" when you let fear and ignorance guide your decisions. You're always "right," though, in whatever you decide about your own body, because your health and how you sort out your choices is your own business, and no one, no matter how superior his/her knowledge, has a right to force any recommendations on you.

Still, nobody wants to feel like a fool, when they discover too late that they had their facts wrong. So how do you sort this out?

In this month's newsletter, we focus on screening options for one very common disease -- cancer of the colon and rectum -- to show you how you can get the facts and be always right: making an informed choice, including the option to just say no. Read on for more.

In This Issue:

"Informed Refusal" of Health Care; The Big Three Options for Colon Cancer Screening; and, Check Out Our Previous Tips.

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