HB 2789 Passes Senate Government Reform Committee


[author: Bingham, Matt ]

Rep. Lesko's (R-Glendale) energy bill -- HB 2789 -- was passed yesterday by the Government Reform Committee of the Arizona Senate.  The bill was subject to a "strike everything" amendment that replaced the version of the bill that passed the House with the following single sentence: "A Public Service Corporation shall not be required to meet a renewable energy standard that is greater than the standards required in any rules in effect on January 1, 2012."  The change was presumably made to address concerns about the bill's constitutionality after both the ACC's top attorney and the legislature's own legal counsel concluded that the House version was unconstitutional.  However, this sentence seems to have the same constitutional problems as the full version.

Arizona's current Renewable Energy Standard was adopted by the Arizona Corporation Commission in 2006.  It requires regulated utilities to produce a certain percentage of their electricity from renewable sources.  Those percentages escalate over time, beginning at 1.25% in 2006 and peaking at 15% from 2025 and beyond.

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