Health Care Reform Update -- September 30, 2013

In This Issue:

Leading the News; Implementation of the Affordable Care Act; Other HHS and Federal Regulatory Initiatives; Other Congressional and State Initiatives; Other Health Care News; and Hearings and Mark-Ups Scheduled.

Excerpt from Leading the News:

House Passes Continuing Resolution, But Government Shutdown Remains Likely -

On September 28, the House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution which funds the government through December 15, delays the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), permanently removes the medical device tax, and postpones a provision of the ACA requiring employers to provide birth-control in their health insurance plans from taking effect until 2015. As we go to press, the bill was tabled by the Senate in a 54 to 46 vote. President Obama said he is not yet “resigned” to a shutdown but reiterated he will not negotiate over the budget or the debt ceiling, making a government shutdown seem all but inevitable at midnight tonight.

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