Hidden Health Hazards In The Workplace Can Lead To Workers Compensation Claims


When you think of on-the-job injuries, things like construction accidents, factory accidents, or repetitive motion injuries may come to mind. These types of physical traumas are indeed common causes of workplace injury and the root of many workers compensation claims. However, hidden dangers in the environment of some workplaces can also lead to serious health concerns.

Recently, two New Jersey lottery workers filed workers compensation claims stemming from mold exposure to lottery tickets that had been damaged by Superstorm Sandy. The workers spent more than six months in a warehouse where the tickets were being stored and were tasked with auditing the water-damaged tickets. The workers claim respiratory illness due to mold on the tickets, which could have spread to other areas of the warehouse.

Cases like this one illustrate the hidden hazards that can lurk in the workplace environment. Dangers like mold, asbestos, other harmful chemicals or gases, and hazardous materials that are not properly stored or handled pose serious threats to workers. Often, hazards in the environment can lead to long-term medical problems or chronic conditions, including:

  • Respiratory illnesses
  • Cancer
  • Allergic or skin reactions
  • Miscarriages or birth defects

The negative health effects of hazardous work environments can sometimes be detected only after prolonged exposure or even years down the road. All employers have the responsibility to keep the workplace safe and free from harmful environmental factors.

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