Holiday Horrors: Late and Missing Checks


Does the following sound familiar? You've checked the mailbox for the third time in an hour. You finally see the postal carrier drive down your street, but he does not leave a compensation check in your mailbox. You wave him down and angrily interrogate him about whether your check could be lost or stolen. Your briefly contemplate committing a federal offense by taking the postman hostage until you get your miserable, but necessary check. Instead, you stomp back into your house and call your adjuster for the sixth time. The adjuster never picks up the phone when you call, so you leave another pleading message to overnight you a temporary total disability check so that you can pay your bills on time and buy groceries.

What the heck is up with late and missing checks during the holidays? It seems that for every federal holiday without mail delivery, compensation checks are delayed by at least three days.

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