Home-Grown & Clone-Grown: Why special labeling should, but most likely will not be, mandated for the meat and milk of cloned animals and their progeny.


Since advancements in science and technology have made possible the cloning of various farm animals, farmers and ranchers have begun to use this innovation to make their farming operations more profitable. These farmers view cloning as a tool for breeding more of their best meat and dairy producing livestock. However, opponents view cloning as a highly controversial procedure with many moral and ethical questions to be answered. Despite this continuing debate, the Food and Drug Administration has issued a preliminary report stating that farmers will be allowed market products from cloned animals because scientific research has not found that cloned animals pose unique health or safety threats to human consumers. Predictably, consumer groups, animal welfare advocates, religious organizations and other groups have responded to this report with demands that products from cloned animals be labeled, when marketed, in order to inform consumers as to which products are from cloned animals.

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