Good news for some struggling Georgia homeowners who have been "hit the hardest" by the economy. A program to "prevent foreclosures" has been launched by the State of Georgia, Department of Community Affairs under the name Home Safe Georgia. The stated purpose of the program is to help GA homeowners who have lost a job or have suffered a decrease in their income prevent foreclosure and remain in their home while they find new or better jobs. Presently, the program is funded by the U.S. Treasury Department from T.A.R.P. funds.

Home Safe is reported to provide up to 18 months of temporary mortgage assistance for eligible homeowners to help you bridge the gap in income. Unfortunately, Home Safe is not available to every struggling homeowner. Several of the criteria for eligibility are: "you don't have an active bankruptcy or tax lien"; "you were current with your mortgage when you lost your income"; and "you are no more than 6 months behind when you apply for assistance". For additional information on eligibility for assistance, please refer to Home Safe Georgia's website.

This program states that there are no costs to apply for assistance and no closing costs for any money you receive. Remember, there are still predators out there trying to take advantage of struggling homeowners. If you are eligible for this program, beware of any copycat website trying to divert you to any "for-a-fee" foreclosure assistance service.