How a US University Can Employ Faculty, Researchers, Administrators and Foreign Locals at an Overseas Program


A full century has passed since Yale professor Hiram Bingham discovered Machu Picchu and University of Chicago professor James Henry Breasted led his expeditions into Egypt and the Sudan for Chicago’s Oriental Institute amassing one of the world’s great collections of ancient Near East artifacts. Mostly led by peripatetic, internationally-focused faculty like Bingham and Breasted, American higher education has long engaged internationally. Not only have American professors long taught at universities abroad, but American faculty and graduate students have long conducted research abroad and of course American college students have long studied abroad. Now the scale and ambition of American higher education outreach overseas is spiking as US colleges and universities launch initiatives at the institutional level.

US universities’ foreign presences these days take many different forms, from full-blown brick-and-mortar campuses down to one-off overseas summer courses and temporary research projects. For example, higher education institutions these days are launching...

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