How Innovative PI Attorneys Market Their Content


At the writing of this article, a Google search for the term “personal injury attorney new york city”, our Case Funding Headquarters, produces a staggering 2,000,000 results in six tenths of a second.That’s a lot of competition.

When the vast majority of personal injury attorneys rely on their web presence to capture a portion or all of their potential plaintiffs – cutting through the clutter is imperative for the success of their firm. How is this done?

  • Competitive intelligence: WHO are the BEST Law Firms in my area, and WHAT are they saying?
  • Innovative Distribution: HOW do the BEST Law Firms distribute their message, and WHEN?
  • Investment in Content Marketing: WHAT distribution strategies PAY off

As one of the premier lenders providing financing for personal injury law firm marketing programs, Case Funding has a bird’s eye view of the marketing tactics of the entire US personal injury industry. We track our own index of over 1500 randomly chosen live content feeds for personal injury law firms large and small and have identified the current content marketing trends used by innovative and successful law firms.

The key insight of 2014 is that the best law firms are combining the relative ease of content creation and integrated distribution tactics to make their marketing dollars work harder. We’ve segmented our data into the classic Roger’s innovation curve to see what the best law firm marketers are saying and how they are spending their marketing dollars.


We categorized the content published by our PI index by Roger’s classic adoption curve.

Content for Recalls: Building a Lead Bank

What is the competitive landscape?

About 3% of PI Website Index are Talking About It  – Innovators

About 11% of Active Updaters  are Talking About It  – Early Adopters

What is the strategy?

“Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.” -John Steinbeck

Steinbeck sums up the content strategy for posting blogs on a personal injury website about product recalls. While there may be nothing substantiated beyond a defect at the time of a recall, as with most any class action/mass torts the publicity generated by the recall is likely to encourage injury victims to speak out. The innovator law firms know this and are willing to throw out a line to possible victims through their content strategy.  And why not take the gamble when it’s so cost efficient to write and market this type of content until the law firm finds they’ve achieved critical mass with their inquiries. When they are ready to take the next step, these firms are already a step ahead.

Does the ‘innovator’ strategy work? Several of the law firms using this strategy can certainly be categorized as successful PI law firms in both reputation and financial standing. In one law firm Case Funding reviewed from the ‘innovator’ sample, two of the firm’s represented classes have had 8 figure settlements granted within the past two years ranging from $20-$24M, which can be traced back to active site chatter about those particular products at the time of recall.

What is the Current Chatter?