How to Find a Community of People to Link to Your Law Blog


I wrote recently that most law firm blogs fail because the bloggers don’t ask the right questions before they start. Specifically, you should ask yourself:

1. Whether there is a linking community that will bring visibility to your site; and

2. Whether there are enough clients in your geographic area to make your efforts worthwhile.

This post focuses on the first of these questions: How to tell if there is a community of people that will link to your law firm blog.

As I wrote in the first installment of my link-building guide, inbound links are the primary way that search engines determine relevancy (and, correspondingly, whether you deserve that top ranking). If you are blogging in hopes of being found on search engines, you can’t afford to ignore links.

Search engines prefer that you acquire links naturally. Search engine algorithms rely on the assumption that links are the product of sincere interest by the third-party site that links to your blog. Because manual link-building erodes the foundation of that theory, search engines discourage you from doing anything extra to help your content along.

This post is about how to tell whether the search engine’s assumption that links will occur naturally is reasonable. This is important. The failure of most law firm blogs to achieve search visibility is due to the lack of a linking community—the group of bloggers or other website owners that will naturally add links to your content.


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