The initial wrongful death trial was deadlocked with a hung jury, and the case recently went back to court a second time. Since then, the jury has gone back a forth over the definition of "contributory negligence." In court, the attorney representing the fairgrounds argued that the Mississippi man was partially responsible for his own death, offering evidence of intoxication with a blood-alcohol content above the legal limit in Alabama recorded that night.

Last month, well into the second day of laborious deliberation, it seemed that the jury might still be unable to reach a verdict. On the eve of that third day of deliberation, the opposing attorneys met in order to finally settle the lawsuit rather than return to trial for a possible third time. Both sides have since declined to reveal any detailed information on the settlement thus far.

Hopefully, with the settlement, the family can now gain more closure on this horrific situation. Without experienced legal help this case could have easily have dragged on for years, leaving this grieving family with nothing but painful memories of their loss.

Source:, "Settlement reached in wrongful-death suit involving Moss Point man impaled at Mobile fairgrounds," Brendan Kirby, Sept. 26, 2012