When the Huntsville gentleman was released from the hospital he left with a couple cracked ribs, some staples, broken bones and an injured knee. That is quite a list of injuries, but his reaction? He marched up to the man that hit him when he spotted him in a diner and reports, "There was no anger on my part, and I wanted the guy to know it. He kind of looked at me unbelieving. I just wanted to ease his mind."

The victim reports that as a long-time jogger and walker, he has been preparing for impact for years, particularly after a close call previously this year. He reports that his strategy was to get his body on top of the car, rather than under it. It appears that at the last second he achieved this, possibly saving his life.

While this Huntsville resident is lucky to have escaped with his life and doesn't appear to harbor any ill will, other pedestrians struck this year may not take quite as kindly to the drivers that struck them. Any hospital stay in the wake of personal injury due to negligence on behalf of another party will result in costly medical bills. Filing a personal injury claim in the wake of such an incident could cover these bills, if the victim chooses to pursue that path.

Source: AL.com, "Huntsville pedestrian's plan for being hit by car may have saved his life," Chris Welch, Aug. 20, 2012