Huron County Seeks Clarification On Taxes


The Board of Commissioners for Huron County have resolved to not take any more action regarding wind energy projects until Michigan clarifies the legislation and taxation of wind turbine. (See background in previous blog posts: Depreciation Methodology for Wind Turbines Challenged and Property Tax Change on Wind Turbines). Therefore, it has decided not to act on a request to release 26 acres in Windsor Township from restricted farmland preservation use to allow the building of a planned substation for the new Thumb Loop transmission line. Meanwhile, counties that have wind energy projects developed or under development (including Huron, Sanilac, Tuscola and Gratiot Counties) have formed the Michigan Renewable Energy Coalition. The MREC has been lobbying the State Tax Commission to formulate a fair process to determine accurate used turbine values and depreciation schedules. A "multiplier committee" of MREC and local equalization officials and utility representatives has been formed at the State Tax Commission to address the depreciation issue.