Increased Number of Uninsured Motorists Increases Your Risk

The Great Recession has resulted in an alarming trend. More and more drivers who were able to maintain full insurance before the recession as required by law have become uninsured because of the economic downturn.

The increasing number of uninsured motorists increases risk for those of us who travel the road with them. Even in wealthy neighborhoods where you would think the percentage of uninsured motorists might be less, cross traffic through those neighborhoods from others includes many uninsured motorists. Many of us must travel into neighborhoods for work or school that are heavily uninsured. And, how often do drivers from these areas pass you on Southern California freeways or main highways?

Finally, a recent California Department of Motor Vehicle study determined that unlicensed and uninsured illegal aliens were three times more likely than the general motoring public to cause a fatal collision. The most logical solution is to obtain sufficient Uninsured Motorist Coverage to protect you and your family.

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