Infrastructure Ontario's Guiding Principles



Welcome to the latest series of blogs published by Lerners LLP on topics relevant to our clients. Over the next few months, this blog will provide information on infrastructure planning and financing through Infrastructure Ontario.

For those unfamiliar with Infrastructure Ontario, Infrastructure Ontario is an arm’s length Crown Corporation established in 2005 that is dedicated to building and renewing public infrastructure in Ontario. Infrastructure Ontario uses private financings to strategically rebuild vital infrastructure on time and on budget.


As a public sector entity, Infrastructure Ontario has developed five principles to govern its operations. When considering applying for funding through Infrastructure Ontario, it is important for the applicant to consider these five fundamental principles, being:

  1. Public interest is paramount;
  2. Value for the investment of public money must be demonstrated;
  3. Appropriate public control and ownership must be maintained;
  4. Accountability must be obtained; and
  5. Fair, transparent and efficient processes must be used.

Remembering these five fundamental principles throughout your interactions with Infrastructure Ontario will prove to be valuable.

For more information on the above please contact Ian Shewan at 519.640.6334 or The Infrastructure Blogs are written by Ian Shewan and Matthew Wilson.

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