Chrysler recently issued a recall for 919,000 Jeep sport utility vehicles after there were reports of problems with the airbags. Apparently, 215 customers complained that airbags deployed even though no accident occurred. Investigators have traced the problem to computer errors in the systems that control the airbags. This demonstrates  an important point which many consumers do not realize: a life saving device, like your airbag, can cause injury just as easily as it can prevent it, especially when a product defect exists.

Airbags deploy with explosive force that can cause injury and even death. You should always sit at least 10 inches away from the front airbag to prevent injury in case of deployment. Adults should never place very young children in the front passenger seat of a vehicle which has airbags. These children are more likely to suffer injury or death when the bags deploy.

However, even with all of these precautions, airbags can still be deadly. A recent report found that third-party vehicle repair shops have been exposed installing counterfeit airbags. These bogus airbags can actually explode, sending flames and even shrapnel flying during an accident.

If the airbags in your car caused injury to you or a family member, it is possible that you may have legal recourse to sue for product liability, especially if discover later reveals a defective airbag. You should speak with a qualified personal injury attorney at Tate Law Group who understands the intricacies of arguing a product liability case in court and who can help you to protect your rights.