Injured Worker Unable To Return To Workplace Awarded $1.05 Million


It is not unheard of for a workplace injury, either from an isolated incident or due to repetitive stress, to mean that a worker in Alabama is no longer able to continue with their position or any other position. Obviously, this poses the problem of being unable to earn a living, or for the individual to provide for either themselves or a family.

Workers' compensation benefits seek to alleviate some of this financial strain by covering medical costs associated with the injury and covering lost wages. However, that is a simplified explanation, because in reality it is often extremely difficult for an injured worker in either Alabama or elsewhere to receive the full compensation that they deserve following a devastating workplace injury. It is crucial to retain an experienced attorney when embarking on the pursuit of financial recovery following such happenings for the best chance at a successful outcome.

An out-of-state railroad welder sought legal counsel after he had to have serious back surgery to fix his herniated discs and nerve damage following improper training and a lack of safety equipment that caused his crippling workplace injury. The happening left the man not only injured and in pain, but unable to return to his career.

Consequently, the man sought financial compensation for his pain and suffering, his medical bills and lost wages. A jury agreed with his attorney that the man's employer was negligent in providing the appropriate safety measures and the man was awarded $1.05 million.

If an individual in Alabama is injured on the job, while there is not always the option of a full physical recovery, there are avenues to pursue financial recovery following similar circumstances.

Source: Madison-St. Clair record, "$1.05 million awarded to railroad welder in St. Clair County," Christina Hodges, Feb. 7, 2013