Injuries At Amusement Parks

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Amusement parks and rides abound in the state of New Jersey. From Six Flags Great Adventure to local carnivals, boardwalks and water parks, the state provides many thousands of visitors each year with countless opportunities to have family fun.

Unfortunately, sometimes an outing to a theme park or carnival can go horribly wrong and injury or death can occur. Amusement parks are heavily regulated by the state. If you are injured on a ride or while visiting a theme park, you have a number of legal options available. A skilled personal injury lawyer can assess the situation and advise you on how to identify the proper party or parties to sue, and the type of suit it might be optimal to bring.

Some causes of accidents that may lead to a lawsuit include improper maintenance of a ride or theme park area, improper manufacture of the ride or failure to perform inspections. New Jersey has codified strong requirements for amusement rides and parks in the Carnival-Amusement Ride Safety Act including a strict safety inspection program. Rides used in the state must be certified prior to sale.

Keep in mind that here are strict notice requirements that may apply and deprive you of filing a lawsuit after an injury. To protect your rights to seek fair compensation, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer as soon after your injury as possible. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney can provide the legal guidance you need to pursue fair compensation if you or a family member suffers a serious injury at an amusement park.

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