Maybe it was a long night; the baby is teething and just cried until sunrise. Maybe stress kept you up. Or maybe for no reason at all, you just couldn't sleep. Tossing and turning through the night can make the following workday feel agonizing for workers in Alabama or anywhere else. You are nodding off and your eyes are losing focus as you are attempting to do your job. It seems that the only thing you have enough energy to do is watch the clock until you can go home and try to take a nap.

Several studies have concluded that insomnia has a serious impact on the work environment. How much? One journal found that insomnia results in $63.2 billion dollars in lost productivity and other expenses each year. A significant portion of that sum was the result of workplace accidents and workers' compensation benefits paid to injured workers in accidents stemming from sleep deprivation.

According to a psychiatric journal, an estimated 274,000 workplace errors and accidents occurred last year resulting from insomnia. In some instances, a sleep deprived worker in Alabama can make an error like sending an email to the wrong client and losing their business. However, sometimes the accidents are much more detrimental. For example, a construction worker could nod off while operating heavy machinery and critically injure a fellow worker.

The conclusion is that an estimated 7.2 percent of workplace errors are the result of insomnia. It is a serious cause for concern. If a worker in Alabama is injured because of an insomnia-related accident or error, they should be covered by their employer for medical bills and missed wages.