Is Water Wet Or Is Jack Webb Still 'The Man'


I am often asked where I come up with my ideas for blog postings. I respond that there are innumerable sources and resources in the compliance arena, in some ways perhaps too many. Today I will attempt to integrate three of these resources into one coherent article. The first comes from my ‘This Week in FCPA’ cohort Howard Sklar. It is that well known Sklar maxim “water is wet”. This is not simply a plug for Howard (as if he needed a plug) but a useful entree into the next source of inspiration which I found in this month’s Business Ethics column in December issue of the ACC Docket, entitled “Just the Fact, Ma’am”, by James Nortz. This a reference to the signature line of Jack Webb as Sgt. Joe Friday in the multi-decade running police procedural television standard, Dragnet.

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